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The constructive solution foreseen in the project consists of:

+ B.A. frames resistance structure with drilled piles foundations and reinforced concrete boards.
+ Closure of BCA masonry and exterior walls with parapets masonry (thermal heat insulated), aluminum joinery with PVC window profiles and terrace type roof.
+ The main façade has travertine plywood and aluminum joinery with insulating glass (“Clima Guard” for additional thermal comfort).
+ To achieve flexibility and allow diverse organizations and display on every floor, there are provided thin BCA walls partitions or lightweight gypsum board walls on the structure of formed galvanized steel sections, with mineral wool sound insulation, etched glass walls or equipped with adjustable blinds.

The joinery is metallic (Aluminum) and the type of mounting is specifically chosen so that the resulted voids and the entire volume would fit as naturally as possible into the existing urban context. The two rays are painted and will participate in the conceptual volume. For the interior were used quality washable paints.

The interior floors are differentiated as follows: carpet for high traffic (offices), granitogres (stairs and restrooms), rolat cement (underground parking). There are dry finishes or washable paints for the walls, superior ceramic tiles for the wet rooms and false ceilings in the office areas.

The circulating terraces will be provided with composite type flooring or outdoor ceramic tiles.

Roof and cover
The roof is displayed as a frequently circulating terrace, with a slope of at least 1.5%, waterproofed.

The covers’ stratification has been established and sized according to NP 040-2002 and the covers’ slope according to NP 069-2002.

SILVER Business Center located in an area fairly considered “the pole of business and office spaces” in Cluj-Napoca, due to the fact that all the most important class A office buildings are located here – is a modern class A office building developed in accordance with the high standards for office buildings (BOMA - Building Owner and Managers Association) and specifically designed to provide its tenants complete quality services.