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Description of the architectural organization solution
The building was designed in accordance with the contemporary architecture’s functional and aesthetic exigencies considering:
+ the development of a representative building, at a high quality level.
+ the compliance with the height regime and the withdrawals from the approved PUD.
+ the ensurance of parking spaces within the plot.
+ the functions’ organisation for a proper exploitation of the building and the development of a flexibile and functional plan.

Height regime, alignment
The proposed height regime is UG + GF + 3F to 8F, the volume retreating in steps from the front (starting with the 4th floor, until the 8th floor, the resulting areas are decorated as outdoor terraces). Cornice height of the proposed building will meet at the front the Court House height, ie 16.50m.

Constructive and
finishing solutions

SILVER Business Center, with a height regime of B + GF + 3F to 8F, has an estimated date of finalization in September 2010.Until 31st of July 2010 were carried out the following works:

+ Resistance: 100%
+ Exterior architecture for the main facade – travertine plywood + aluminum joinery: 100%
+ Thermal system for the front and rear facades, on brick masonry closure: 100%
+ Aluminum joinery with “Clima guard” glass for the side and rear facades: 100%
+ Interior electrical equipment, pipes and wires: 100%
+ Rainwater disposal installation: 100%
+ Interior plastering: 100%
+ Hoes support: 100%

According to the technical project, the building is structured as follows:
+ The underground level includes an area for services/conference room, storage spaces, technical areas, the staircase connecting the underground floor with the ground floor, an underground parking with 17 parking lots and the access ramp from the interior courtyard.
+ The ground floor includes a commercial space with direct and separate access, the reception for the entire building (greeting and informing the clients, administration and building security) and the access area to all levels.
+ The current level is occupied by offices (with different space configuration) and adjoining functions (circulation, level reception, restrooms, maintenance).
+ Starting with the 4th floor, where the retreating begins, the areas located at the main front (Dorobantilor street) are displayed as open circulating outdoor terraces.
+ On every current floor, located in the back of the building and on some floors at the middle of the building, there are exterior circulating terraces / balconies.
SILVER Business Center located in an area fairly considered “the pole of business and office spaces” in Cluj-Napoca, due to the fact that all the most important class A office buildings are located here – is a modern class A office building developed in accordance with the high standards for office buildings (BOMA - Building Owner and Managers Association) and specifically designed to provide its tenants complete quality services.