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The area where SILVER Business Center is located has all the necessary utilities and the building is connected to the public utilities networks.

Water supply
and sewerage

The water supply is carried out from the existing network in the area. The sewage waters and the rainwater are collected and discharged into the existing sewerage network on Dorobantilor Street. The rainwater collected from the outdoor parking lot is treated by an oil separator so that it could be used again. Apele pluviale colectate de la zona de parcare exterioara sunt tratate printr-un separator de hidrocarburi.

Power supply
The building is connected to the electrical power network located in the area, Dorobantilor Street being provided with LES 10kW and LES 04kw cables.

Gas supply
The building is connected to the gas network in the area. The natural gas supply of the building is oriented towards interior heating, using a HVAC system especially designed for SILVER Business Center.

Telecommunications network
On site there are telecommunications networks provided by Romtelecom and RCS RDS, as well as Vodafone.
The building is equipped with all the installation required in the design project (class A offices):

+ incandescent and fluorescent lighting;
+ the electricity is individually metered on each floor and separate for the common areas consumption, such as lighting for the staircase and basement;
+ complete restrooms plumbing (toilet, water, sewer) - 2 toilets on each level (one for the front area and one for the back area of the building);
+ own HVAC system (two boilers using natural gas);
+ chillers battery for preparation of cooled water from the HVAC installation;
+ the thermal control is carried out using an integrated system of fan coil units;
+ the ventilation (used air exhaust and fresh air intake) is ensured by the integrated fan coil units system with direct air intakes;
+ telephony;
+ Internet via optical cable network;
+ video security system and surveillance;
+ fire installation with interior hydrants on each floor and drenchers system for the northeast facade protection.
SILVER Business Center located in an area fairly considered “the pole of business and office spaces” in Cluj-Napoca, due to the fact that all the most important class A office buildings are located here – is a modern class A office building developed in accordance with the high standards for office buildings (BOMA - Building Owner and Managers Association) and specifically designed to provide its tenants complete quality services.